Haida Bear Rings


Original, hand engraved Native Art-style ring featuring the Haida Bear cast in gold or silver symbolizing strength, dignity, self-sufficiency and wisdom.

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This exclusive Haida-style ring is an original design by Warren Smith, a non-Native master engraver and scholar of Heraldry, Calligraphy and the Haida Formline art style and proprietor of The Coast Handworks Co. in British Columbia, Canada.

Featuring the legendary Bear from Haida mythology of the Pacific Northwest Native culture, the thick, heavy ring is cast in silver, gold or white gold from a hand-carved master created using traditional engraving tools and exceptionally deep carving techniques.

The distinguished result is only possible by combining sophisticated hand craftsmanship with a fierce passion for elegant design in an exceedingly small space. The visible depth of carving is a direct result of 30 years of hand engraving experience and the adamant notion that if hand-engraved jewellery is to be worn proudly, it should be carved deeply.

This Haida-style Bear band is domed at the top, tapered at the bottom and bordered by “rails” to frame and highlight the artwork. The traditional Haida crosshatching area is set well below the top surface.

This Haida Bear ring is available in 10k, 14k, 18k and 22k Yellow Gold or 10k, 14k, 18, and 19k White Gold as well as sterling silver.

About Haida Bear


In the Native culture of the Northwest coast, Bear is known as thoughtful, self-sufficient, courageous and strong. The most powerful coastal animal, Bear is the Protector of the Animal Kingdom, “Elder Kinsman” to humans, wise counselor and teacher of legends. The quiet dignity of the noble Bear is a source of reassurance for those working in isolation, as when working far from home or in other times of loneliness or solitude.


A prominent Haida Bear legend among many involves a chief’s daughter who fell in love with a bear disguised as a handsome man. She bore him male bear cub twins who grew up to become revered hunters with the ability to change from Bear to Human at will. This earned her the name “Bear Mother” or “Mother Bear” and representing the noble traits of dignity, self-sufficiency and grace shared by Bear and human. All members of the Haida Bear Clan are considered descendants of this mystical family.


When distinguishing Bear from other creatures in the Haida art form, one looks first to the nose, which is most commonly depicted as distinctly stout. Bear’s head is likewise compact, the ears short and thickset. Bear’s feet and claws usually feature prominently while the body is stocky and muscular.