Haida Frog Rings


Gold and silver rings with engraved Haida-style Frog, a distinguished communicator, voice of the people, symbol of magic and representative of good fortune.

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This original Haida-style band is an exclusive design by Warren Smith at The Coast Handworks Co., a world-class engraver and revered expert in Heraldry, Calligraphy, Celtic art and the Native formline style of the Haida people of British Columbia, Canada.

This Haida Frog band is cast from a hand-carved master; no computers or automation devices were used in its creation.

The band is domed at the top, tapered to the bottom and entirely bordered by “rails” to frame and highlight the artwork. The original Frog art presents as an exceptionally deep carving made with traditional hand engraving tools and techniques. Along with the traditional Haida crosshatching area set well below the top surface, the distinguished result would not be possible using “modern” mass-production methods. Each piece is made to order, one at a time.

It is available in 10k, 14k, 18k and 22k Gold, or 10k, 14k, 18, and 19k White Gold as well as well as sterling silver.

About Haida Frog


Affectionately known as “Crab of the Wood” in the Haida culture, Frog has deep spiritual significance; a distinguished communicator, the voice of the people. Traveling freely between the realms of land and water, Frog bridges cultural divides with ease and dignified grace. As such, Frog is a symbol of magic and representative of good news and fortune. When Frog’s tongue is shown as touching or reaching out to another creature, it represents the sharing of knowledge or power.


In Haida mythology, it is told that the last snowflakes of winter turn into frogs. To hear frogs croaking at this time is an announcement of the end of Winter and the coming wealth and abundance of Spring; a message that the Salmon will be returning to the rivers. Frog’s songs are said to contain divine power and magic.


In the Haida artform of the Pacific Northwest, Frog is distinguished by plenty of beautiful, long flowing curves. With long thin lips, round bulbous eyes, a beautifully curved back with pronounced and gently curve ribs, Frog’s legs are key features, shown as either compressed and ready to spring, or extended as if jumping or swimming. Most distinctive are hands and feet, usually depicted as large, fluid and webbed.