Haida Raven Rings


Hand engraved Haida-style Raven rings cast in gold or silver, Pacific Northwest Native symbol of creation, curiosity, mischief and knowledge.

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Exclusive to Haida Jewellery, these thick, weighty gold and silver bands feature an original depiction of the Raven by master engraver, artist and scholar of Haida art and culture, Warren Smith, the non-Native proprietor of The Coast Handworks Co.

Made to order, each Haida Raven ring is cast from a hand-carved master designed and engraved with traditional metal carving tools and exceptionally deep carving techniques. The distinguished result is only possible by combining sophisticated hand craftsmanship with a fierce passion for elegant style and faithful form.

The visible depth of carving is a direct result of 30 years of hand engraving experience and the adamant notion that if hand-engraved jewelry is to be worn proudly, it should be carved deeply.

Wide and domed at the top tapering comfortably around to the bottom, the Haida Raven band is bordered by a pair of “rails” to frame and highlight the artwork. Contrasting with the traditional crosshatching area set well below the top surface, the original Haida Raven art presents in remarkably high relief.

Available 10k to 22k gold as well as silver, these distinctive Haida-style Raven bands will never be confused with mass-produced store bought rings.

About Haida Raven


In Haida mythology, legend and lore, no creature is more intimately associated with creation than the Raven — usually by happenstance rather than intent. Renowned for mischief, curiosity, trickery and guile, it is Raven who best illustrates the complex subtleties of truth, the consequences of ignorance and gullibility and, more generally, the enduring pursuit of knowledge.


Various Haida legends speak of Raven’s serendipitous hand in creation, with one tale recounting how Raven scattered the sun, moon and stars across the sky after stealing them from and old chief and fleeing abruptly. Similarly, the rivers of Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) are said to have been formed after Raven stole a lake full of salmon by rolling it up like a blanket and flying away, dropping streams of fish-laden water as he fled. Yet another tale describes how Raven coaxed the first humans from a giant clam shell found on the beach.


Raven is distinguishable in the Haida formline art style by its long, straight beak, sometimes hooked slightly at the end. More often than not, Raven is depicted with either a small feather crest on the top of his head or two large ones on either side, as if ears. Rarely shown as simply flying like a bird, wings fully expanded, Raven is usually depicted as standing, walking or scrutinizing something if not parading himself or his discovery.