Haida Wolf Rings


Gold or silver Native art style ring depicting the Wolf, legendary hunter & protector; symbol of loyalty, cunning & intelligence.

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These gold and silver bands feature an original depiction of the legendary Wolf in the Native art style of the Haida culture on the Pacific Northwest Coast. Made to order, these thick, weighty rings feature the original artwork of Warren Smith at The Coast Handworks Co., world-renowned, non-Native artist and hand engraver revered for his metal carving expertise in Heraldry, Calligraphy and Haida formline art.

Known to live in cooperative and fiercely protective families, Wolf art is very popular on wedding bands. Each ring is cast from a hand-carved master created from scratch using traditional engraving tools and exceptionally deep carving techniques. The distinguished result is only possible by combining sophisticated hand craftsmanship with a fierce passion for elegant design and faithfulness to the Haida Art form.

Available 10k to 22k gold as well as silver, the visible depth of carving is a direct result of 30 years of hand engraving experience and the adamant notion that if hand-engraved jewelry is to be worn proudly, it should be carved deeply.

Haida Wolf rings are wide and domed at the top, tapered to the bottom and framed by a pair of “rails” to highlight the artwork. Contrasting with the traditional crosshatching area set well below the top surface, the original Haida Wolf art presents in remarkably high relief.

About Haida Wolf


A highly social and communicative animal, Wolf is revered as a great and resourceful hunter in Haida culture. Along with cunning, loyalty and devotion to family, Wolf conveys a spiritual power of clarity, persistence, fidelity, intelligence and steadfast determination, a power that can overcome fear, indecision and confusion. Wolf is also a symbol for providers and protectors.


Haida legend tells of an unsuccessful hunter who came to adopt a wolf pup. Together, the human and wolf could catch grizzly bears, two at time, one for the human and one for the wolf, thus revealing the power of collaborative effort and bounty shared. Other tales speak of wolves adopting humans, and all legends reveal the commonality of human and wolf and the solidarity of family; that hunting and providing for family or clan is best achieved through loyalty, intelligence and strong communication.


In the Haida art form, Wolf is discernible from all other four-legged creatures as the only animal with a bushy tail. The Haida Wolf is often shown with fangs at the end of a long snout along with tall ears and long claws reminiscent of human fingers.